Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal

Shree Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal


Today's Message From The Divine

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Every day equals to the new birth from one aspect. Forget every events of past and start the day with sathya(truth), dharma(right conduct), shanti(peace), prema(love) and ahimsa(non violence). Whenever love, compassion, truth get birth in your heart that day God take birth inside you.

-Bhagwan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

Swami's Message

Dear Embodiments of Love,

I have a message for you all that your mission has already been initiated. All of you have to accomplish a unique and significant role in your life. Only those persons whom I’ve called, can perform My task; no one else.

My mission has already attained that point of time where you all have to work. A special destination in this nation as well as on this Earth is being gradually conceived ahead of you. I summon you all that whatever faith is there in you; expand it in all directions so that its unseen power may take all people around you under your influence. Focus on Me forever to perform your assignments successfully. Let the purity of your mind permeate over the entire human race and all other beings. Don’t try and don’t desire for the achievement of the fruits of your actions. You are the means through which My love is showered. Be aware! When your mind is curtained with an ego, you fail to perform My tasks and you start finding flaws in all My actions. Only after gaining control over the negative feelings, you begin to resume My task . Afterwards, you experience positive things in My task and see the work extension. My task is limitless; hence your work is also endless. Keep ever in your mind that you are in Me and I am in You. There is no difference between you and Me. Ignore and forget the small things that bind you in the future. Watch out! I am you and you are Me; no difference. You are granted My Darshan and others have it through you. Keep your heart and soul pious that ensures your wellbeing forever. Being a divine flame make your path meaningful and usher others ahead in the way. 

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Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal

Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal is an organization conducting various social activities in different parts of Nepal and was founded by Bhagwan Baba.


Shri Sanjay Sai Vidhya Mandir

Shri Sanjay Sai Vidhya Mandir is an ideal school  founded by Bhagwan Baba with the mission of providing free quality education to everyone.


Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Int'l

Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization International is an organization conducting various social activities in different parts of world and was founded by Bhagwan Baba.

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The present is the result of the past.So,man gradually develops acquired impressions from the past into his personal habits during his lifetime.The once developed individual character,form and nature certainly be changed with constant observation and imagination.

Bhagwan Sri Sanjaya Sai Baba