Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal


Cultivate the feeling of service in the mind and engage yourself in service everywhere whether it is in prisons or in huts or in hospitals. Nurture the feeling of compassion towards the imprisoned, the sick and the poor. The best job, here, is to find the way for their rehabilitation. Enrich their confidence for the betterment of humanity so that they mayn't involve in anti-social work. Small babies don’t hate dirt and excreta but when they are grown up, they can't stand a second before such things. Similarly, when the criminal rises above from his own cruelty and bad habit, he has a strong feeling of hatred towards own bad habits and behaviour.

- Bhagwan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba
Ref: Sai Guru Upadesh, Page no.75

Free Education

"The end of education is character."


From the initial days of the ashram, Swami had been unofficially making contributions in the field of education via need-based scholarship and grants to the students who seriously deserve it. To institutionalize these activities in 2067 B.S. Swami with love manifested an idea of the interactive educational institution and named it Shree Sanjaya Sai Vidhya Mandir where needy as well as enthusiastic students are given molded version of academical, moral and spiritual education free of cost. Swami has envisioned this school to be extended as a world class free Sai university soon.

Free Drinking Water

"The most vital requirement for man is water."


Kilagal tol place, where Swami took birth, was in evergreen scarce of water. Seeing this, Swami in his childhood days decided to make water easily available for everyone. Keeping this in note as part of mission expansion, free drinking water has always been an issue of higher priority which led the foundation of Sai Prem Ganga Jal, a free drinking water project that has benefitted thousands of households. Whether it be installation of water tankers or be set up of water plants, our organization has set an exemplary milestone.

Free Health Services

"Health is wealth"


Our organization has always kept its spirit high on making health services accessible for everyone. Free ambulance service as a kick start to the health services provided by our organization has now taken a huge leap with establishment of own health clinic named as Shree Sai Arogya Mandir which specialises homeopathy, ayurveda, allopathy and Sai Vibronics. Through this Arogya Mandir our organization is actively participating free health camps medical consultation and specialized operational services to everyone in need. As part of health services our organization has been recognized as organization with highest number of blood donors by Nepal Red Cross Society. Under the principle guidance of Bhagwan Shree Sanjay Sai Baba, our organization has kept an ambitious mission of establishing a world class multi-domain super speciality hospital in absolutely cost.

Narayan Sewa

Narayana Seva means "Service to God"


The meaning of Narayana Seva is not limited only to the poor beggars. During such Seva, the rich shouldn’t be neglected. Let them eat. The target of Narayana Seva always inclines towards the people with empty bellies. It doesn’t mean all are hungry: they may not be at all. Some of them are present there just to receive Prasad( the offered items to God). Above all, God may arrive there in any disguised form to ask for food in the place where you are in Seva. Likewise, the persons involved in cooking or serving are also Narayanas.

 – Bhagwan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

          Ref: Sai Guru Upadesh, 

                 Page no.78


Shri Sanjay Sai Sewa Organization Nepal has been rigorously taking part in helping orphans, elder citizens, differently able people by different mediums such as food distribution, cloth distribution and making some financial aids to those in need. We have expanded our presence in natural disasters such as earthquake, landslide and flood by making a direct contribution of food distribution and shelter construction for the victims.